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We Are Worth the Wait

You can now be on the waitlist for a part-time or full-time slot, while also having access to available drop-in slots!  This is great for those who might only need occasional drop-in care, are flexible on days needing care, or have a schedule that changes each week.  It's important to understand there may be times that several days a week may have availability and other times there may be nothing available.  Reserving a drop-in slot will be first come first serve based on who schedules AND payment is received first.

What does this mean? It means you will have access to all days available for drop-in care until a part-time or full-time slot, that you’re a good fit for, becomes available and is offered to you. You will be given two chances to accept a part-time or full-time slot.  If you choose not to accept a slot the second time, you will need to pay another waitlist fee to remain on the list, continue to have access to available drop-in care, and to be considered for a future slot.  

This new waitlist policy will allow me to keep better track of who is truly interested and patiently waiting for a slot to open.

Here are the steps:


COMPLETELY review this website to ensure my program is a good fit for you and your child!  You can also checkout my Facebook page to see pictures and videos of our day.


READ Family Handbook and REVIEW Tuition Rates.       

(You’ll have to select that you read and reviewed these on the Prospective Child Form, so if you indicate during the interview that you didn’t actually do this, the interview will be stopped and you will NOT be allowed to enroll in the program.)



PAY a non-refundable $25 interview fee through Zelle to


Once the Prospective Form and payment have been received, you will be contacted to schedule an interview on an evening or weekend.  CHOOSE a date and time that works for you and your family, knowing that others may be interviewing and added to the waitlist in the meantime. 


If you are offered a spot on the waitlist and choose to accept it, you will PAY a non-refundable $50 waitlist fee through Zelle and submit all enrollment forms.

Once payment and forms have been received, you’ll get access to the calendar showing open drop-in dates and you'll be able to schedule days for drop-in care immediately. (A drop-in day isn't reserved or guaranteed until drop-in fee has been paid and received.)

The full $75 will be applied to your registration fee when enrolling in a part-time or full-time slot.  To be completely clear, if you never enroll in a part-time or full-time slot, for any reason, the full $75 is non-refundable.

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