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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified


Helena Hortman

Owner/ Early Educator


I have been in the early education field since 1999.  I operated a family child care home, certified with the military, for 8 years in both Louisiana and Alaska, where my home was nationally accredited.  I have been a preschool teacher, a director at both a 5 star rated church center and nationally accredited university center, as well as executive director, overseeing 3 large four and five star, and nationally accredited centers, for 14 years. 

I have a BS in Occupational Education majoring in business, and minoring in accounting and early education.  I have more than 28 years experience with special needs, specifically high functioning autism, speech delays, learning delays, behavior management, and sensory integration.  I hold a TX director license and now own and operate one of two licensed home in Greenville, TX.


I decided to open my home in TX for child care, to not only be a business owner again where my passion lies, but to also allow time for training and mentoring others in the field as well as take better care of my health.  It will also give one of my daughter's, Briana, a career she can enjoy.


Briana Hortman

Early Educator


Ms. Briana is the oldest of the three Hortman girls.  She graduated in NC in 2014 and has been increasing her education through homeschooling since.  She has completed all required state training for early educators and will be working toward her CDA certification.

Ms. Briana loves watching Dog the Bounty Hunter, Alaska-The Last Frontier, and anything on the history channel.  She plays the piano and loves putting together puzzles.  She has a huge Lego collection and is excited to share it with those children ready for the small pieces.

(Don't let her looks fool you!  She may look 12, but she's actually 28!)

kevin girls.jpg

Kevin, Meghan, and Kristen Hortman

Husband, Other Two Hortman Daughters

Kevin is retired Army.  He enjoys hunting and helping others.  He will be a huge part of my home care when he's home and available.

Meghan graduated in 2018 from Hortman's Academy and currently works in Royce City. Meghan is qualified as an early educator and will occasionally do back-up for me when needed.  She has volunteered at my previous centers and has been involved in child care her whole life.  When she started Kindergarten, which she had to wait a year because of her birthday, I had no idea how I was going to handle my child care home on my own because she had been such a big help!  At 5 years old she was feeding infants, clearing the table after meals, carrying out story time, etc. without me ever having to ask her.  As an adult, she is no different!

Kristen graduated UT Austin in May 2023 and lives in Dallas. She will be visiting regularly.  She enjoys being with children and may volunteer when she is available.  She has volunteered for years at my previous centers. 

goldfrosh john.JPG

Goldfrost & John

Eats Grass All Day


Goldfrost and John came with the house when we bought it.  All we really know is that they are both rescue horses.  Goldfrost is in his 30's and John is about 14 years old.  John has a tattoo in his mouth which indicates he was once a race horse.  

We have never had horses before, so we have learned a lot about how to care for them.  We really just want to give them a calm and peaceful life with lots of love.  We are so excited about what the children will bring to their lives.  We will keep our uneaten apples to give them and we will make special days throughout the year to make them treats.

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