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Your Child Is In Great Hands

Helena's Early Learning Playhouse is a licensed home with the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and owned and operated by myself, Helena Hortman.  Since I am licensed, which means I have many more standards to follow and will have regular inspections than other kinds of homes, I'm allowed to care for 12 children, ages 6 weeks to 6 years.  


My oldest daughter, Briana Hortman, will be assisting me each day. For state purposes, she is considered a substitute caregiver for her to be able to count in the ratio.  Having two staff greatly lowers our ratio of children to each adult, which not only means more individual time with each child, but also creates a safer environment.  Having two staff also lowers the chance of having to be closed under normal illness circumstances.  


My middle daughter, Meghan Hortman, will also be assisting as a substitute caregiver.  At this time, she will be assisting as she has time around her full time job and will fill in when needed due to appointments or illness.  


My husband, Kevin, and other daughter, Kristen, will be involved in my home, but won't count in ratio. 


Please view the Educators page for more information about each of us.

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We will provide your child with a safe and comfortable environment to play and learn with loving guidance.  Our early learning home is play-based.  This means that our “curriculum” is integrated throughout the day using art, songs, stories, poems, games, indoor play, outdoor play, theme days, and a variety of other activities that will help stimulate your child’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and  spiritual development.


Health & Safety

The health and safety of our children and ourselves is always a top priority.  We have many rules and policies in place on a normal basis; however, during Covid, it was found that following a more strict protocol greatly helped homes and centers keep their reportable cases at a minimum.

Here is a brief outline of what we are currently doing (this may change with new rules and guidance from state):

*Parents are allowed inside the home as needed to help keep down the spread of germs and exposure.  

*Toys and surfaces are washed/sanitized/disinfected daily per normal state minimum standards.

*Children and staff wash hands consistently (I like to say, "before and after everything!") per normal minimum standards.

*Clothing, both children and staff, are changed when any bodily fluid gets on them.

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